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Deep thinker. Feeler of all the feels. Devourer of books. Lover of words. I write about personal growth, relationships, grief and loss, and being a deep soul.

Do you have a deep soul in your life? These tips will help you to better understand how to love them.

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Being a deep thinker and feeler is a gift, but it presents some unique challenges to our relationships

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Being a highly sensitive person makes you a gift to this world, so please stop hiding

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To thrive in this world requires more than just a knowledge of history and science

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Forget the latest iPhone or app, when you cultivate these qualities as a writer, you’ll be the hot property everyone wants to connect with

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Emotional Intelligence is the key to unlocking a deeper relationship with yourself and those around you

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It’s a pairing that can pose some challenges, but practicing the art of emotional attunement could be the key to success

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Grief can be transformative — here are just three places it takes you that can change your life for the better

These meditation tips will help you slowly cultivate a practice that feels right for you

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Saying sayonara to the small screen helped me find my path. Here’s how it can do the same for you.

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Kathryn Rosenberg

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